Technology Overview

The TGE system is a dual (1. 87m)3 box filled with materials which capture 320 tonne of CO2 net per annum.

  • Extraordinary affinity to CO2: The used porous materials have an extraordinary affinity to CO2 allowing the efficient adsorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • The materials are not consumed: Materials are regenerated under mild conditions during the CO2 recovery process.
  • Non-Toxic: Materials are non-corrosive and environment-friendly.
  • Low operational and capital costs: Based on realistic energy prices, the system has the capability to capture 320 tonne net of CO2 at lower than published benchmark costs for such processes
  • Modular: Number of units scales linearly with the desired CO2 capture quantity.

Deployment Scenarios

Uses of Carbon

Intellectual Property

•There is a very high degree of complementary expert knowledge required to design these systems across multiple disciplines

•This expertise is contained within the TGE scientific team that all bring to TGE a wealth of previous expertise in this field.

•The team all share a passion for the challenge of carbon reduction in the world.

Prof. Wolfgang Schmitt
Trinity College Dublin, CRANN & AMBER
Head of Inorganic and Materials Chemistry

Prof. Don MacElroy
University College Dublin;
Emeritus Chair of Chemical Engineering  

Dr. Sebastien Vaesen
Chemical Engineer
Trinity College Dublin, CRANN & AMBER

Dr. Guanghua Jin
Synthetic Chemist
Trinity College Dublin, CRANN & AMBER