Technology Overview

The TGE system is a compact stackable modular system for capturing CO2.  Each module is capable of capturing 320 tonne of CO2 per annum. 

  • Extraordinary affinity to CO2: The used porous materials have an extraordinary affinity to CO2 allowing the efficient adsorption of CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • The materials are not consumed: Materials are regenerated under mild conditions during the CO2 recovery process.
  • Non-Toxic: Materials are non-corrosive and environment-friendly.
  • Low operational and capital costs: Based on realistic energy prices, the system has the capability to capture 320 tonne net of CO2 at lower than published benchmark costs for such processes
  • Modular: Number of units scales linearly with the desired CO2 capture quantity.

Deployment Scenarios

Until all grid power generation is achieved via renewable resources, incorporating carbon capture into efficient natural gas power generation systems (e.g. NGCC) would remove accountability for grid carbon emissions and scenarios 2, 3 and 4 would all involve net capture rates of 320 tonne/year. Scenarios relate to Irish Emissions.

Scenario 1 – Green Electricity and Energy Sources

  • Green energy sources used to power system components.
  • The CO2 emissions related to the capture are equal to 0 tonnes.
  • Net capture is:  320 tonne/year.

Scenario 2 – National Grid and Industrial Waste Heat Energy

  • Assumes using water-to-water heat pump to harvest waste heat.
  • Net capture of CO2 is: 119 tonne/year (2017)  and 254 tonne/year (2030)

Scenario 3 – National Grid and Air Heat Energy

  • Assumes using air heat pump to harvest heat energy; lower COP than Scenario 2.
  • Net capture of CO2 is: 96 tonne/year (2017) and 246 tonne/year (2030)

Scenario 4 – National Grid and Electric Heating

  • Assumes electricity from the grid provides all the energy needs.
  • Net capture of CO2 is:  –30 tonne/year (2017) and  205 tonne/year (2030)

Target Markets for CO2

Intellectual Property

Expert Knowledge

There is a very high degree of complementary expert knowledge required to design these systems across multiple disciplines

Scientific Team

This expertise is contained within the TGE scientific team that all bring to TGE a wealth of previous expertise in this field.

Environmental Passion

The team of scientists all share a deep passion for solving the challenge of carbon reduction across the world.

Collaborations between TGE and TCD led to scientific and engineering novelties which have been protected by patent filings:

Pending Patents:

GB 1901445.5: Improvements relating to Carbon Dioxide Capture

GB 1914768.5: Providing Heat Energy to Carbon Dioxide Capture Processes

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