About Trinity Green Energies

Trinity Green Energies (TGE) is a research and development company. It is a Trinity College campus company founded in 2014.

The company has a broad-based scientific and business focus which is represented by the founders of the company. It is located in the research laboratories of Trinity College Dublin.

The company has a research agreement with TCD to advance the development of energy-related technologies. The company holds international patents in this area. The company is funded by private investors and participates in publicly funded research programmes. The company is an innovation partner within the SFI-funded AMBER Centre for research into new materials and nanotechnology.


Our Ambition

TGE plan to, within 10 years, deploy 25,000 TGE System units in Ireland and capture 10M tonne per annum (8M tonnes per annum net) of CO2.  In parallel, TGE will license its technology to partners to replicate this in other countries with a worldwide target of capturing 100 million tonne of CO2  per annum and growing this over the following decade to 1 billion tonne per annum.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively capture carbon without the need for high energy – lite engineering as opposed to heavy engineering – and ultimately aim to transform carbon into a harmless waste compound or reusable fuel.

Our Technology

The TGE system is a dual (1. 87m)3 box filled with materials which capture 320 tonne of CO2 net per annum

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