Atmospheric Carbon Capture + Reuse
Advanced Carbon Capture Technologies
& Transformation of CO2 into Fuels

Welcome to Trinity Green Energies

Trinity Green Energies (TGE) is a research and development company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We are active in the areas of carbon capture, storage and transformation focusing on the discipline of environmental engineering and management.

TGE aims to be the leading inventor and integrator of sustainable and affordable technologies for the generation of sustainable fuel from natural sources like air, water and renewable energy.



Energy Requirements Increasing

Global energy requirement could triple by 2050

Global Warming Issues

Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations and associated global warming issues impose extraordinary challenges to modern industrial societies.

CO2 Reduction Needed

A minimum 4-fold decrease in CO2 emissions is required in the coming decades to reach a stabilizing CO2 benchmark concentration.

What We Do

Atmospheric Carbon Capture & Release

Sustainable Energy Concepts Using CO2 as a Feedstock

Air Quality Improvement

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Our Technology

The TGE system is a dual (1. 87m)3 box filled with materials which capture 320 tonne of CO2 net per annum


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Global Warming

Learn more about the causes and solutions to global warming.


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