About Us

About Us

Trinity Green Energies (TGE) is a research and development company. It is a Trinity College campus company founded in 2014. The company has a broad-based scientific and business focus which is represented by the founders of the company. It is located in the research laboratories of Trinity College Dublin.

The company has a research agreement with TCD to advance the development of energy-related technologies. The company holds international patents in this area. The company is funded by private investors and participates in publicly funded research programmes. The company is an innovation partner within the SFI-funded AMBER Centre for research into new materials and nanotechnology.


Our mission is to effectively capture carbon without the need for high energy – lite engineering as opposed to heavy engineering – and ultimately aim to transform carbon into a harmless waste compound or reusable fuel.


Increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations and associated global warming issues impose extraordinary challenges to modern industrial societies. The development of green technologies will enable countries and industries to adhere to their commitments to control CO2 emissions.

The CO2 problem would be partially alleviated by the development of Sustainable Energy Concepts using CO2 as a feedstock, i.e systems that economically fix CO2 and transform it into fuels or useful chemicals.

Trinity Green Energies aims to be the leading inventor and integrator of sustainable and affordable technologies for the generation of sustainable energy from natural sources like air and water.